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Club/Squad Selections

Whilst we have superb facilities at the Bath University Sports Training Village, the court space available imposes a restriction on membership numbers and as a result all members go through a selection process.

Senior squad selections

National Prem and SW Regional League 1 squad selections will take place on Monday 14th and Monday 21st August - Bath Uni STV - 7pm to 9pm.
Please do not attend these trials unless specifically invited.

SW Regional League 3 (two squads) - squad selections will take place on Tues 15th and Tues 22nd Aug - Bath Uni STV - 7pm to 9pm.      
If you wish to be considered for these squads please let us know which session(s) you will be attending - you should attend both if                                                          

Avon League Divs 1, 2, 4 and 9 (Tigers 1 to 4) squad selections will take place on Weds 16th and Weds 23rd August. If you would like to attend these sessions please contact us at

Summer pre-season training is organised from June through August and is used to prepare for the season ahead and as an indicator for which trials sessions players are invited to attend.

They are held on Wednesdays at Royal High School, Lansdown, Bath - 7pm to 9pm.

Sessions operate on a 'pay and play' basis - £4 per week.


Junior squad selections

Junior team selection for U12 will take place in June each year

Junior team selection for U14 and U16 will take place during the first two weeks of September each year. 

Please note that the AGM in May 2014 voted in a change to the junior selection process as follows: - all players, including existing members, will trial for a place in the club every year - there will no longer be guaranteed places for existing members moving into their second year at each age group (U14 - Yr 8 / Yr 9;  U16 - Yr 10 / Yr 11)

For the 2017/2018 season trials will be as follows:-

U16: Tuesday 5th and Tuesday 12th September at Bath Uni STV - 6pm to 8pm.

U14: Wednesday 6th and Wednesday 13th September at Bath Uni STV - 4.30pm to 6pm

U12:  Friday 9th and Friday 16th June at Bath Uni STV - 4.30pm to 6pm

Squads will be selected on ability within the nominated positions, rather than age or friendship groups.  This may result in our more ‘talented’ girls being given the opportunity to play at a higher level in order to extend them further.  Please be aware that some players will not be selected for as high a team as they play for at school - this is due to the fact they are competing against girls from all schools in Bath and the surrounding area. We understand that some may be disappointed with their squad selection but coaches work hard to ensure that girls receive the correct level of instruction and we would ask that parents and girls respect these decisions.  However, girls are monitored throughout the year to ensure they are playing at the right level and this may result in some movement between squads – up or down. If girls are sincere about netball they should be encouraged to take their commitment seriously - the results will speak for themselves.

Squads will normally operate with a maximum of 11/12 players each (depending on the coach) with the exception of the C/D squads which may be slightly larger. 

If you've missed the formal selection evenings but are still keen to play please contact us at

If we are unable to accommodate you we can help put you in touch with other clubs in the area.



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2nd May 2018
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6th June 2018
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21st Aug 2018
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22nd Aug 2018
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28th Aug 2018
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